Amazon Reinventing Itself

Why are there so many large successful businesses that fail to see changes in their industry and end up falling behind? BlackBerry, BlockBuster, and Kodak just to name a few. In the recent past there have been popular examples of companies that are on the other end of the spectrum and have reinvented themselves and come out stronger; IBM and Apple are two popular examples. But it appears that Amazon is quickly becoming another example. According to Jeff Bezos, AWS (Amazon Web Services) could soon become their largest business. So a company that has always been known for being an online retailer is quickly becoming the largest player in Cloud Computing services, otherwise known as Infrastructure as a Service. This has been obvious for some time; but for this type of business to become even larger than online retail is truly impressive. All this occurring because Jeff Bezos had the revolutionary idea to use a bunch of spare computing capacity to make some extra money.

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