Founder Institute Experience

fi-logoThese days, discussions about the economy often lead to comments about how the small businesses is what powers it. If small businesses are powering our economy, what invigorates it? Startups of course. That is why organizations such as the Founder Institute are such a key part of our future. The Founder Institute is a business accelerator program that helps aspiring founders launch their ideas into viable enterprises.

So what happens after the grueling three and a half month long program? Being one of their newest grads I can say that it is certainly an experience that helps to put your idea, your passion project, through the necessary steps to validate it. You also come out with a solid understanding of what you need to raise the necessary funding, something which is almost always necessary for tech startups. Most importantly, you come out with a minimum viable company and the tools necessary to have your enterprise take off. All the graduates are founders, the next step is for us all to become successful tech companies and invigorate the economy while pursuing our passion projects.

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