Is your Klout Score important?

KloutLogoYour Klout score is social media’s version of your credit score. The closer to 100, the more influential you are. It basically scores your status in the social media world summarizing down to one number how influential you are. But is this score really important to you and me or is it simply something that is relevant to obscure marketing insiders that measure things for a living? A lot of people criticize Klout as simply more proof that we are overly-obsessed with social media. But regardless of your industry, chances are there are a good number of people for whom a good Klout score can be valuable. If you are looking for any type of job that involves some level of marketing, having a good Klout score can be helpful. Indeed there have been many stories about how recruiters are using Klout score as one factor in some job interviews, some even going so far as to immediately discard any candidate with a low score. But even if you are not in marketing, eventually you could benefit from being an influencer in social media in some way. Although most of us use Facebook or Twitter in a casual way, at some point you will consider using these powerful platforms to talk about a cause you care about. When that happens, whether you are looking for a job, promoting cancer awareness, or simply looking for a lost pet, your level of influence could be of great benefit to you. For most, your Klout score is not worth obsessing over. But if you use social media in any way for personal or professional reasons, you should know it may be a number worth keeping your eye on.  For more on what the Klout score means, follow the link to Wendy Frink’s article below.



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