Special Skills

Deployment of various web applications using AWS. Involvement in deployment of carrier-grade class 5 switches, ATM and VoIP core infrastructure, DSL access networks using technologies such as VDSL2 and GPON access for IPTV networks.

AWS Certification



IP routing protocols (RIP, OSPF, BGP), ATM network design & routing, Voice over IP, H.248 and H.323 signaling, SNMP network management, SIP signaling, Cisco equipment. Extensive experience with network troubleshooting, using packet sniffers, and deploying virtualized networking environments on AWS.

Programming Languages

Ruby on Rails, PHP, Visual BASIC, ASP .NET, JavaScript / JQuery

Software Experience

Software deployment automation: Jenkins, Ansible, Chef, Docker

Software development: Ruby on Rails, SQL databases, Visual Studio (ASP.net, Visual Basic), Eclipse IDE (Java), Xcode, Sketch

Networking software: Wireshark, Asterisk IP PBX, Nortel Passport NMS software on Solaris, ADTRAN EMS

Design experience

AWS design of highly available infrastructure leveraging Elastic Load Balancers, EC2 instances, RDS database deployments across multiple regions.

VoIP network design (Carrier systems with Nortel equipment and Enterprise systems with ADTRAN and Asterisk systems), MPLS network design, multi-service networks (IP, Frame Relay, ATM, and VoIP), enterprise and Carrier end-to-end QoS IP design, wireless mesh 802.11 deployments in campus environments.

Cloud Computing experience through Cloud-based Asterisk deployments for VoIP, IP cameras with ZoneMinder, and various other projects.

Professional Travel Experience

Throughout his experience at Nortel, ADTRAN, and Avaya, David has participated in projects in Italy, Japan, Taiwan, Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, Panama, Belize, Mexico, and all throughout the Caribbean meeting with each country’s largest Service Providers in support of their efforts to redefine themselves and provide more value to their end users.

PalmaPhone Project

PalmaPhone is a web application that enables businesses to automate the task of making routine phone calls. PalmaPhone also functions as a Cloud-based IP PBX for SIP clients and a basic automated IVR. Created by David with the help of PHP, mySql, Javascript, JQuery, and various other web technologies, the primary motivation in creating this tool is to showcase new capabilities and ways to communicate through integration in the Cloud. Check it out at www.PalmaPhone.com, perhaps it can help you or your business.

Foreign Language


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