Why is AI freaking people out?

By: Keoni Cabral
By: Keoni Cabral

It seems lately like a lot of smart people are talking about the potential future role that Artificial Intelligence will have in our lives. As usual, the bad news is the one that always gets the most attention and that means everyone highlights the expectation that AI will eventually lead to our doom. But what is different now in regards to our future expectation of AI’s capabilities? After all, we have been overly optimistic about its future capabilities ever since the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey came out; that was 1968 in case you are wondering. Most people might agree that even in 2015 Google, Siri, or IBM’s Watson are nowhere close to HAL’s capabilities in the movie (remember HAL lip-reading?). We were way off back then in forecasting our achievements in AI. Why do people like Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking think this is the time to consider the perils of out of control Human-level AI?

Tim Urban’s Part 1 article, The Road to Super intelligence, is a great read where he describes the reason why we need to start thinking about this now. One important reason why: the scale of human progress is now growing exponentially and most people don’t even realize it. Follow the link for the full article:


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