Wireless Over-the-top TV

The Holy Grail of consumer TV service is Wireless Over-the-top TV. The ability to order TV channels and movies, a-la-carte and have them delivered to any device over your wireless internet. A service such as Netflix with the capabilities to fully replace your cable service with popular channels, live events, movies, sitcoms, and news all from the cloud in a pay-per-use model. Most consumers would jump all over this kind of service and there are plenty of entrepreneurs and businesses that would be eager to make it happen. The advantages for consumers are tremendous; pay for what you need and unbundle it from the last-mile ISPs and cable companies. The reasons we do not yet have this option are all commercial and legal hurdles not technological. There are just too many stake-holders that want to prevent any change to the current cable TV model of selling bundled packages. If there were no government oversight, cable TV companies would have no problem slowing down any content which they deem as competitive (i.e. Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, etc). Let’s hope there are enough visionaries out there that can counteract these forces. Could the recently reported deal between Dish Network and Disney be an important step in this direction? Hopefully as details of this deal become public, we’ll be one step closer to the ultimate in consumer choice.



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