Wyncode Bootcamp Experience

Ft Lauderdale Cohort 5

There are a few experiences that can help you reinvent your career. Wyncode Academy is in the business of helping people do just that. I was one of the students that participated in the Ft Lauderdale Cohort 5 program as part of their nine week intensive coding bootcamp. I feel the experience has certainly made a difference in acquiring the knowledge to build sophisticated applications based on Ruby, Rails, and JavaScript. Towards the end of the program the class gets two weeks to work on a final project which we all present to the community during Pitch Day. My team presented Sensoree; a web application that gathers sensor information from Internet of Things devices in order to automate your life. My contribution to the app consisted of pitching the initial idea, working on the backend, integrating with Twilio, and integrating with the Raspberry Pi. I would like to thank Wyncode Academy and the panel of judges for selecting us as the winning app for Ft Lauderdale Cohort 5. Visit the winning app at www.sensoree.net


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